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'Two Haunted Counties' Featured In Magonia Review of Books

John Rimmer and Peter Rogerson from the Magonia Review of Books have included Tony Broughall's 'Two Haunted Counties' in a recent round up of new paranormal titles which includes the re-issue of Peter Underwood's 'Haunted London', 'Edinburgh After Dark' by Ron Halliday and 'Edinburgh, City of the Dead' by Jan-Andrew Henderson. Extracts from their notice dated 17 June 2010 are included below:


What is behind the massive explosion of local ghost books over the past few years? My colleague Peter Rogerson, who is a local history librarian, sees it as an offshoot of the growth in local history and genealogy. As the world becomes more open and 'globalised', so people seek to preserve an identity in family and locality. Peter has written, and I can confirm it from my own professional experience, that when people come into a library enquiring about "the history of my house", the majority of times they are actually wanting to know who died there and might now be haunting it! The collection of books under consideration here will certainly help in that quest...

Peter Rogerson's customers looking for the 'history' of their house or street would be well served by Tony Broughall and Paul Adams's book - if they lived in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, as this is very much in the 'gazetteer' style. It would seem that this collection was compiled originally in the 1970s by local ghost hunter Tony Broughall, a member of the Ghost Club. It has the advantage of including many cases of hauntings that the author has investigated personally as well as historical reports and local rumours and legends. Certainly a very useful contribution to the 'local history' genre of ghostlore.

For the complete review see The Magonia Website.

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